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03/15/20 06:00 PM #3324    


Ellen Aspinwall (Templar)

Thanks, Pat.  I didn't know any of them.  Anyone else have a thought as to who the blonde is???

03/25/20 08:32 PM #3325    


Ellen Aspinwall (Templar)

Check out more things to do in quarantine from Debbie (Benn) Mormon and the new recipe on the Recipes! page!

They ran to the groceries, they filled up their carts, đŸ›’đŸĨŠđŸĨšđŸĨ›
They emptied the Tops and Price Chopper and Walmart,
They panicked and fought and then panicked some more,
Then they rushed to their homes and they locked all the doors.

The food will be gone! The milk eggs and cheese! đŸ˜ą
The yogurt! The apples! The green beans and peas!
The stores have run out, now what will we do? đŸ˜Š
They’ll be starving and looting and nothing to do!☚ī¸

Then they paused, and they listened a moment or two.
And they did hear a sound, rising over the fear,
It started out far, then began to grow near. đŸ‘

But this sound wasn’t sad, nor was it new,
The farms were still doing what farms always do. â¤ī¸

The food was still coming, though they’d emptied the shelves,
The farms kept it coming, though they struggled themselves,

Though the cities had forgotten from where their food came,
The farms made them food every day, just the same.
Through weather and critics and markets that fall,
The farms kept on farming in spite of it all. đŸ‘Š‍🌾 đŸŒą đŸŒŊ

They farmed without thank yous.
They farmed without praise.
They farmed on the hottest and coldest of days. đŸ’ĒđŸŧ

They’d bought all the food, yet the next day came more,
And the people thought of something they hadn’t before.

Maybe food, they thought, doesn’t come from a store.
Maybe farmers, perhaps, mean a little bit more. â¤ī¸ đŸ‚đŸ„

Author Unknown

04/01/20 05:46 PM #3326    


Alan Greenleaf

Good advice for Seniors:  "Don't Let the Old Man In"

04/10/20 08:30 AM #3327    


Cheryl Grube (Fredericks)


I am sorry to hear about Miss Ashbaugh's passing. She was our chorus/ music teacher in Junior High. I had always liked to sing and being in chorus with Miss Ashbaugh encouraged me to a lifelong love of singing in choirs and choruses. To this day I sing in my church choir and a community chorus. I remember each of us had to sing a solo in the chorus and then the chorus members voted on their favorite. Pam Workman's solo was voted the winner. I really enjoyed having Miss Ashbaugh as my chorus teacher. Teachers can have such an influence on the paths our lives take. Thank you, Pat, for letting us know about Miss Ashbaugh's passing.



04/10/20 08:45 PM #3328    


Ellen Aspinwall (Templar)

What a nice tribute, Cheryl.  She was an inspiration to me also.

Check out the 3 new photos on the Memory Scrapbook page. Thanks to Buddy Manco (ok Mike) for contributing these photos.  Beach 4, 5 & 6 are further down.  Anyone have K and 1st?  Can you name them?  What did the 7th grade science teacher always say was a good answer???

04/11/20 09:49 PM #3329    


Ellen Aspinwall (Templar)

We have 2 new 'old' photos in the Memory Scrapbook.  Thanks to Cheryl Grube Fredericks for these great photos.  That's my troop also.  Can you name these gals???!!!

Hoppy Easter, everyone.  The background is our Easter tree in Phoenix.

04/17/20 04:41 PM #3330    


Alan Greenleaf

Does anyone have, or, have family members who have, COVID-19?

04/18/20 12:45 AM #3331    


Ellen Aspinwall (Templar)

Whew!  The snowy Cardinals were taken down in favor of the Easter Bunny Tree.  But, wow!, you all are back to winter now!  Then again, you could be in Wyoming where they've had 14 inches of the white stuff this week.       Did you read that the 20th annual Ohio Bike Rally has been postponed??!!  They are working with state and local officials to find a later date this summer.  The bikers will be back!

06/07/20 10:34 AM #3332    


Linda Peate (Powrie)

I am so sad to hear of Miss Ashbaugh's passing.  I loved her as a music teacher.  We also had a spring concert in Junior High and sang the most wonderful songs, some I had never heard of but came to love.   Singing a solo for part of your grade was the only thing I didn't like!  I was shy and never thought I sang very well, but somehow got through it!  Never would be solo of the year for sure!!  She was a great teacher.  

06/20/20 04:06 AM #3333    


Ellen Aspinwall (Templar)

Through the gates

“I'm normally a social girl
I love to meet my mates
But lately with the virus here
We can't go out the gates.

You see, we are the 'oldies' now
We need to stay inside
If they haven't seen us for a while
They'll think we've upped and died.

They'll never know the things we did
Before we got this old
There wasn't any Facebook
So not everything was told.

We may seem like sweet old ladies
Who would never be uncouth
But we grew up in the 60s -
If you only knew the truth!

There were sex and drugs and rock 'n roll
The pill and miniskirts
We smoked, we drank, we partied
And were quite outrageous flirts.

Then we settled down, got married
And turned into someone's mum,
Somebody's wife, then nana,
Who on earth did we become?

We didn't mind the change of pace
Because our lives were full
But to bury us before we're dead
Is like a red rag to a bull!

So here you find me stuck inside
For 4 weeks, maybe more
I finally found myself again
Then I had to close the door!

It didn't really bother me
I'd while away the hour
I'd bake for all the family
But I've got no bloody flour!

Now Netflix is just wonderful
I like a gutsy thriller
I'm swooning over Idris
Or some random sexy killer.

At least I've got a stash of booze
For when I'm being idle
There's wine and whiskey, even gin
If I'm feeling suicidal!

So let's all drink to lockdown
To recovery and health
And hope this bloody virus
Doesn't decimate our wealth.

We'll all get through the crisis
And be back to join our mates
Just hoping I'm not far too wide
To fit through the flaming gates!”



07/05/20 01:43 PM #3334    


Barbara Peate (Sabo)

Last week I received a call from Gerry Gouch about Gary Mason.  It was quite a shock to hear.  I urge anyone that can to consider calling him, as I did last week.  He was so happy I called, since the virus and not many visitors, it can be boring and lonely.  Prayers for a speedy recovery, Gary.

07/06/20 11:56 AM #3335    


Ellen Aspinwall (Templar)

We need never to forget or let history be lost.

As you celebrate Independence Day, keep our Founding Fathers and the 'rebels' of the Revolutionary War at the top of the list of things/people to be thankful.  Whatever their flaws, The Founding Fathers and Soldiers of that war gave everyone who lives in this country a huge gift at the risk of their very lives!  Some gave all!  And enjoy the fireworks below!  Happy 4th of July!                                                                                                           LONG MAY SHE WAVE!!

07/06/20 02:00 PM #3336    


Linda Peate (Powrie)

Ellen:  Soooo glad you posted that while so many want to forget our history altogether.  Our history back then is why we are all here today in this great, great country.  Fireworks still went off in our town.  Thank you God for those who risked lives to settle these lands, and soldiers who continue to fight for this our country, as my husband did, who gave 4 yrs of his life for what he believed in.   It's a country for all Americans!

07/23/20 03:32 PM #3337    


Ellen Aspinwall (Templar)

There's a new photo on the Memory Scrapbook page.  Can you name those in it????

07/25/20 01:15 PM #3338    


Ellen Aspinwall (Templar)

There's a bit of an update about Gary Mason on the Home Page and also a special page for all the week's activities that Bruce will be in Canton with the B-17.  Check them out!

07/25/20 08:56 PM #3339    


Barbara Peate (Sabo)

 Picture of people at a table at our 20th Reunion.  I talked with Buddy "Mike" Manco yesterday.  There is a picture if you scroll down and is from our 20th Class Reunion.  Buddy called and told me he was at the table and identified all there.  John Dawson, Howie Meyer, and Howie is standing over his wife.  The blonde no one could recognize is Buddy's wife, Bonnie Manco.  Picture solved!


07/26/20 09:37 AM #3340    


Ellen Aspinwall (Templar)

Thanks to Buddy and Barb for identifying the most recent 20th reunion folks in the photo on the Home Page.  There will be another one up soon so keep watch and see if YOU can ID them.

07/27/20 02:03 AM #3341    


Ellen Aspinwall (Templar)

This popped up somewhere in my life recently and is so very interesting.  A bit of RR/Lakewood history I wasn't aware of.  At the bottom of the article are great vintage photos.  How times have changed!

07/27/20 03:27 PM #3342    


Linda Peate (Powrie)

Ell:  You post such great stuff and memories.  Fred is from Lakewood until he entered the Air Force and never moved back again!  Wish other people would jump on now and again.  But you can't force people!  

09/05/20 07:40 PM #3343    


Ellen Aspinwall (Templar)

Here's some great nostalgia for ya!  

09/23/20 04:54 PM #3344    


Ellen Aspinwall (Templar)


It is common knowledge in DC that the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and the now-late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg were close personal friends. They shared a love of opera, went souvenir shopping together when they traveled, and rode an elephant in India with Scalia up front. Their families spent New Year's Eve together, and when Chief Justice Roberts announced the death of Ginsburg's husband, Marty, Scalia wept on the bench. When Scalia died in 2016, Ginsburg said, "we were best buddies."

They never spoke politics or ideology to one another because as one seasoned observer said, "there would be no point." Scalia himself would say, "if you can't disagree ardently with your colleagues about some issues of law and yet personally still be friends, get another job. for Pete's sake."

On her part, Ginsburg said of Scalia, "as annoyed as you might be about his zinging dissent, he's so utterly charming, so amusing, so sometimes outrageous, you can't help but say, "I'm glad he is my friend." She said she sometimes had to pinch herself to not laugh when he would say something audacious in the courtroom.

In an era when we are being purposefully divided over political and social differences, and friendships and families are being ripped apart in the process, Scalia and Ginsburg were The Odd Couple. They held the deepest respect for each other and kept their disagreements intellectual, not transactional. (Little known fact, it was Scalia that begged Obama to appoint Ellen Kagan to the Court. He wanted her there so he would have someone to argue with in an intelligent manner.)

When he learned of Ginsburg's passing, Scalia's son, Christopher, shared the following story from Judge Jeffrey Sutton about an encounter late in his father's life.

"During one of my last visit with Justice Scalia, I saw striking evidence of the Scalia-Ginsburg relationship. As I got up to leave his chambers, he pointed to two dozen roses on his table and noted that he needed to take them down to 'Ruth' for her birthday.

"Wow," I said, "I doubt I have given a total of twenty-four roses to my wife in almost thirty years of marriage." "You ought to try it sometime," Scalia retorted.

Unwilling to let him have the last word, I pushed back: "So what good have all those roses done for you? Name one five-four case of any significance when you have got Justice Ginsburg's vote."

Scalia replied, "some things are more important than votes."

This is what we have lost: two earnest and caring people who could place all differences aside for the sake of friendship and an abiding love for each other.

I say to everyone, be a Nino; be a Ruth. Remember what is good in every person you know even when you have to work a little harder to find it or need to let go of anger or hard feelings. God did not put us here in pre-formed harmony, He put us here with differences so we could find it on our own.

Finally, if you are being unduly influenced by anyone who through their speech and actions encourages you to hate or disregard others because they may be or believe something different from you, tune them out and turn them off. They simply do not have your best interest at heart, and are in the business of keeping you riled up for the sake of their own self-interest and profit.

Again, be a Ruth; be a Nino. Be kind to one another. Choose love over votes. It truly is 'bigger than anything in its way," especially politics.

11/27/20 06:41 PM #3345    

James Steffien

20th reunion picture, Tom Wentz, Dan Weist and Tom Howe.


Jim Steffien

11/27/20 08:19 PM #3346    


Ellen Aspinwall (Templar)

Thanks, Jim!  You got them all!  We'll let everyone read your answers for a bit before posting the next one!

12/03/20 10:47 AM #3347    


Barbara Peate (Sabo)

An additional note on the picture, I'm pretty sure that's little Tommy Wentz behind Tom Wentz and Danny Weist.  To the left talking are Ted and Barb Sabo but not sure with whom we were talking with the dark hair.

12/04/20 01:05 PM #3348    


Patrick Gillespie

The girl with dark hair and stripped shirt is my wife, Mary Ann.

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