River Landmarks


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Some of our Landmarks are still here today!

Rocky River High (and the new electronic bulletin board)


 Kensington School (now grades 3-5)

Beach School (now used for private educational purposes)

The original Goldwood School - now housing the Board of Education


The old elementary school, transformed into the Board of Education headquarters, was torn down in the summer of 2013.  Those of us who knew and loved the old place will miss the chance to drive by.

The old Rocky River Junior High (gone now, replaced by the new Middle School)

Rocky River City Hall - at the corner of Hilliard and Wagar

Herb's Tavern (Established April 1963)

 Beardens:   (Established 1948)

The old (rebuilt) Clock  Tower at Lake and Avalon

The Rocky River Public Library (but the Junior High was torn down to make way
for a new Middle School) - and the library has been extensively remodeled.

The Westlake Hotel (now condominiums)


St. Christopher Church

Kensington & Lake - across from Kensington School

Rocky River Park

 Some are gone -

The original Rocky River City Hall - long gone ..... probably before we were in high school.

The Nickel Plate passenger station (the building is still here - not the trains)


The old Rocky River Bridge - dynamited except for two west arches.


Westgate Shopping Center - torn down in 2005

The old Westwood Country Club clubhouse (site of the Class of '63 prom) - demolished in 2007

The old Beachcliff Theatre Marquee - opened in the 1930's, closed in the mid-70's - Converted to shopping in 1985 - re-designed in 2007

Some are new - 

 The Bridge Building, built on the remainder of the old bridge - 1991

The new Westgate Mall - developed starting in 2005, still being leased out

The new Pub Restaurant at the old Beachcliff Theater - opened in 2007

The new Beachcliff Mall - challenged for tenants, but holding on (the theater is the rectangle on the right)

The Rocky River Middle School (on the site of the old Junior High) - grades 6-8

 Elmwood Cabin, replaced when the original burned down in 2002

Westwood Country Club clubhouse (demolished in 2007, brand new in 2009)

Fishing Pier - at Bradstreet's Landing (west end of Rocky River)

Plaza West Office Building - Center Ridge Rd., east of Northview
(where Phyllis Smith's house used to be)


The City Hall Office Building on old Detroit Road - new wine bistro at the lower right.

The outdoor swimming pool - completely new and improved.

The indoor swimming pool - part of the Recreation Center (gym, track, exercise machines, etc.) built in 2006