Quarantine--Things To Do!

From Debbie (Benn) Mormon

Do your taxes

Take the dog for a walk somewhere you have never been

Stand on your porch and see who walks by and be sure and say hi and wave

If it is warm, prepare your patio/porch for spring

Visit the AARP site and play their games and take the quizzes to earn points

Spend the night in your guest bedroom 


Things to do while self-quarantining--from Ed Smith

◦                     Separate and organize all of your nuts, bolts, screws and washers

◦                     Call some friends or relatives you haven’t spoken to or seen for a long time.

◦                     Dream up a creative way to use the freezer-burned meat found deep in your freezer

◦                     Sit down and write an episode of “Where in the world are we” so Ellen Aspinwall (Templar) will forgive me for a while longer

◦                     Clean out and organize your car’s glove compartment.

◦                     Get a self-feeding sheet scanner and digitize all of your old paper records (not your 45’s, 33 1/3’s, or 78’s)

◦                     Polish your shoes and then give half of the pairs away since you haven’t worn them in 4 years or more

◦                     Dedicate a Goodwill box or plastic bin for things you no longer need and start filling it (like with the shoes mentioned above)

◦                     Take out all your sweaters and fold them more neatly. If you haven’t worn any for 3 - 4 years, then add to the Goodwill box

◦                     Collect and organize all your device chargers and cables and put some extras into that Goodwill box.

◦                     Go through your old collection of car polishes, cleaners, chamois, etc. and throw out the stuff you’ll never use. Instead, just get a monthly pass at your local car wash and use it

◦                     Organize your photo collection. Maybe even scan it.  Also, go through your digital photo albums (Apple, Google or whatever) and get rid of duplicates and “close to duplicates”

◦                     Join Ancestry and discover your family tree   Keep digging when you think there is a dead end

◦                     Spend one day watching the news on a channel other than your usual and try to understand any different perspectives

◦                     Learn to play chess

◦                     Change all your passwords