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10/22/19 03:07 PM #3307    


Robert Lemon

I made a mistake, the girl on the left was Larry Gilberts ex. Everybody else is the same but I don't know the name of the waitress behind Maryann. 

10/22/19 04:58 PM #3308    


Ellen Aspinwall (Templar)

YAY, Bob!  Thanks for chiming in!  You are correct about the 3 ladies (after your correction).  I think the waitperson is a fella and I wasn't given his/her name.  Maybe Pat knows.......

10/22/19 07:42 PM #3309    


Ellen Aspinwall (Templar)

Bob:  Pat thinks it's a fella, as do I.  But no name.  So I guess we'll just move on from there.  Watch for more from the 20th.....

10/25/19 09:40 AM #3310    


Ellen Aspinwall (Templar)

There's another 20th reunion photo posted on the Home Page and one more of Peg's fun adventures on Where In The World Are We?  Take a look and see if you can ID all those in the photo (lots of them this time) and enjoy Peg and Lynn's hike!

11/04/19 03:31 PM #3311    


Barbara Peate (Sabo)

In the picture, I recognize Mimi Johnson, Sara Eakin, Pat Gillespie, Debby Murray, Alan Greenleaf, Eric Damon, Bonnie Kraft?  That's all I can possibly recognize........

11/04/19 07:28 PM #3312    


Ellen Aspinwall (Templar)

Correct, Barb.  Have no clue who's eyes are peering over Bonnie's head but who's the gal next to Al?  I recognize her but can't put a name to her.  Also, who is the teacher center stage???

11/05/19 10:02 AM #3313    


Robert Lemon

That is Chuck Baumgartner over Bonnie's head and I could be wrong but instead of Eric Damon, it looks like Bill Moga?

11/05/19 03:07 PM #3314    


Patrick Gillespie

It is Eric Damon, and Sarah Eakin is next to Alan.

The teacher is Florence Turk...our 2nd Grade Teacher from Kensington School. A wonderful teacher who lived across from the Junior High.

11/05/19 05:59 PM #3315    


Patrick Gillespie

My bad, Kathy Raprich Weist next to Alan Greanleaf.

12/08/19 02:48 PM #3316    


Larry Gilbert

Wild guessing on the first two:  Roger Schach, Barb Jacobus, Tom Kelley, Bonnie Kraft, Talie Timm.


12/08/19 03:57 PM #3317    


Ellen Aspinwall (Templar)

Good guessin', Larry.  It is Bonnie, Tom and Talie.  However, I doubt that is Rog and I think the hair is too dark for Barb.  Anyone else want to try???!!!

12/09/19 03:22 PM #3318    


Barbara Peate (Sabo)

The guy with the dark hair sort of looks like John Dawson.  Don't know if that's his wife or not.  Could it be Shari Piekney possibly???  Hard to see.....

12/19/19 07:29 PM #3319    


Barbara Peate (Sabo)

Guess no one is caring about the picture on the Home Page.....

01/02/20 08:08 PM #3320    


Ellen Aspinwall (Templar)

Check out the latest 20th Reunion photo on the Home Page...just scroll down a bit.  Know who they are???    And don't forget to post your holiday photos in the Holiday Photo Gallery!!!  We so enjoy seeing them!  You have a couple of weeks yet to post.

01/21/20 03:18 PM #3321    


Ellen Aspinwall (Templar)

Don't forget to vote for your fav holiday photo!!!

02/01/20 01:11 PM #3322    


Ellen Aspinwall (Templar)

Check out the fav holiday photos on the home page.  It's a slam-dunk Christmas tie!  Also watch for another of Peg's travel adventures coming soon.  Do send us your travel photos with a brief caption or a fun/interesting travel story to go with!

02/02/20 02:20 PM #3323    


Barbara Peate (Sabo)

Thanks for the hard work you put into our Website, Ellen.  Seems as though not many people respond to things anymore.

I'm not sure if anyone has guessed classmates from the picture on the Home Page, but here goes:

Tom Kelley (with moustache), Zahnow(?), Bob Lemon (look at those legs!), Mike Kelley, Tom Wentz, from the back in white, Martha Miller Wentz, and talking with her Marcia Pullin?

02/04/20 11:13 PM #3324    


Ellen Aspinwall (Templar)

Thanks for the kind words, Barb.  You got them all correct (I asked the expert) except we're not sure who Marcia is talking with.  But, hey, you did good and the prestige is all yours!  Will post another one soon.

02/05/20 12:59 PM #3325    


Barbara Peate (Sabo)

The one talking to Marcia looks like Martha Miller Wentz, Tom's wife.  She passed away a while ago...đŸ˜ĸ

02/09/20 01:21 PM #3326    


Ellen Aspinwall (Templar)

New 20th Reunion photo to ID!  Tried to make this one an easy one.  Please chime in!

03/15/20 01:59 PM #3327    


Patrick Gillespie


the picture has been up for awhile! I think I know 3 of the people.

Howie Myers is standing between John Dawson and his wife...don't know the blond.

Now, I am going to wash my hands!

Stay safe and healthy!

03/15/20 06:00 PM #3328    


Ellen Aspinwall (Templar)

Thanks, Pat.  I didn't know any of them.  Anyone else have a thought as to who the blonde is???

03/25/20 08:32 PM #3329    


Ellen Aspinwall (Templar)

Check out more things to do in quarantine from Debbie (Benn) Mormon and the new recipe on the Recipes! page!

They ran to the groceries, they filled up their carts, đŸ›’đŸĨŠđŸĨšđŸĨ›
They emptied the Tops and Price Chopper and Walmart,
They panicked and fought and then panicked some more,
Then they rushed to their homes and they locked all the doors.

The food will be gone! The milk eggs and cheese! đŸ˜ą
The yogurt! The apples! The green beans and peas!
The stores have run out, now what will we do? đŸ˜Š
They’ll be starving and looting and nothing to do!☚ī¸

Then they paused, and they listened a moment or two.
And they did hear a sound, rising over the fear,
It started out far, then began to grow near. đŸ‘

But this sound wasn’t sad, nor was it new,
The farms were still doing what farms always do. â¤ī¸

The food was still coming, though they’d emptied the shelves,
The farms kept it coming, though they struggled themselves,

Though the cities had forgotten from where their food came,
The farms made them food every day, just the same.
Through weather and critics and markets that fall,
The farms kept on farming in spite of it all. đŸ‘Š‍🌾 đŸŒą đŸŒŊ

They farmed without thank yous.
They farmed without praise.
They farmed on the hottest and coldest of days. đŸ’ĒđŸŧ

They’d bought all the food, yet the next day came more,
And the people thought of something they hadn’t before.

Maybe food, they thought, doesn’t come from a store.
Maybe farmers, perhaps, mean a little bit more. â¤ī¸ đŸ‚đŸ„

Author Unknown

04/01/20 05:46 PM #3330    


Alan Greenleaf

Good advice for Seniors:  "Don't Let the Old Man In"

04/10/20 08:30 AM #3331    


Cheryl Grube (Fredericks)


I am sorry to hear about Miss Ashbaugh's passing. She was our chorus/ music teacher in Junior High. I had always liked to sing and being in chorus with Miss Ashbaugh encouraged me to a lifelong love of singing in choirs and choruses. To this day I sing in my church choir and a community chorus. I remember each of us had to sing a solo in the chorus and then the chorus members voted on their favorite. Pam Workman's solo was voted the winner. I really enjoyed having Miss Ashbaugh as my chorus teacher. Teachers can have such an influence on the paths our lives take. Thank you, Pat, for letting us know about Miss Ashbaugh's passing.



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