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03/11/19 07:26 AM #3266    


Ellen Aspinwall (Templar)

Here is a new trivia quiz for you from the Malt Shop Cruise folks.  There is always a ton of prestige for the one that gets most of them right!  Check out your 50s/60s music memory:

  1. What was the original name of Smokey Robinson and the Miracles?
  1. What were The Beach Boys originally called?
  1. The Lettermen were relatively unknown until they signed with what record company?
  1. Shirley Alston Reeves left the Shirelles in 1975 to record under what name?
  1. The Crystals “He’s A Rebel” was originally recorded by whom?
  1. What was the original name for the Chiffons?
  1. What group did Gary U.S. Bonds Start his singing career with?
  1. What was the name of Freddy Cannon’s first group?
  1. When Gary Lewis and The Playboys appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show and performed “This Diamond Ring” they were not allowed to play their own instruments. Why?
  1. What is the real name for Chris Montez?
  1. What is Johnny Mastro’s real name?
  1. Lenny Welch was the first person to record the vocal version of this Herb Alpert hit, what was it?

03/14/19 12:54 PM #3267    


Ellen Aspinwall (Templar)

Another sad announcement from Susan (Matthews) Munn - 

Cliff Munn passed away 3/9/2019 - peacefully, painlessly, quickly.  Condolences can be sent to 6514 Carolina Commons Dr, Indian Land, South Carolina  29707

03/19/19 11:05 AM #3268    


Bruce McKelvey

Regarding the passing of John Dawson. I did not know John very well in High School as we ran in different circles. But because of the get togethers started by "Yours Truly" back in 2008 as casual fun times usually at HERBS...I have gotten very close to a lot of my classmates which I never really knew....what a shame. Dawson was one of them. John and I had a heated relationship at times because of our very different political views. About four years ago I made my annual  visit back home and John asked if I wanted to stay with him for the week I was there. John and I had many a late night discussions about our views on "Life". Though different in some ways...we had a great deal of respect for one another. He was just as hard headed as ! He was a very kind and generous man and down inside very gentle and loving. So if you take anything away from this...this what I hope. Take your political views and other differences and put them in the trash...respect that person and love them no matter what...because tomorrow you may not have that chance...we are in the autumm of our lives...make the most of it...I love all of you very much....

03/19/19 12:54 PM #3269    


Ellen Aspinwall (Templar)

I am personally sad to make this announcement as Mr. Bohn was a fav of mine.  R.I.P.

Science teacher, EARL F. BOHN Jr. has passed away.

of Cleveland, Ohio and Cedarville, Michigan left us peacefully and quietly on March 8, 2019. He was 98 years old. Earl was born February 9, 1921 in Lorain, Ohio to Earl F. and Alice (Livingston) Bohn. Earl grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, graduating from Rocky River High School in 1939. After graduating from Cleveland's Baldwin Wallace College in 1943, Earl was called into active duty with the U.S. Army. "On his way to WWII", prior to shipping out overseas, he married Mildred (Hofacre) Bohn from Dalton, Ohio, whom he had met at Baldwin Wallace. With his degree in Science, Earl was assigned to the 9th Air Force, 21st Weather Squadron, 50th Fighter Group, participating in the European Theater, landing at Utah Beach, Normandy, France 14 days after D-day. He was discharged with rank of Sargent on October 8th, 1945 at the end of the war. Earl returned to Cleveland, where he taught 8th grade Science at Rocky River for 30 years, enjoying summers on Beavertail Point in Cedarville, Michigan where he built a summer cottage. Millie passed in 1986, and Earl was fortunate to find another kindred soul in Elizabeth McGuire Brown, marrying in 1992. He was devoted to Beth throughout the past 27 years, and very much enjoyed getting to know her children and grandchildren. Beth and Earl lived in Westlake for a number of years before moving to Judson Park in 2006 and have lived a full life there to the present. Earl is survived by his wife, Elizabeth, and her four children, Chris (Monika) Richardson in Texas, Rhonda Richardson (Brian Bialik) of Kent, Ohio, Karen Richardson in New York, Scott (Jill) Richardson of Lakewood, Ohio and; son, Richard Earl Bohn of Cedarville, Michigan; daughter, Sally (Dan) Carmichael of Cedarville; grandson, Cody (Teresa) Carmichael of Cedarville; and six wonderful granddaughters (Lisa Richardson, Pamela Villarreal, Jenna Bialik, Logan Bialik, Amelia Richardson, Eliza Richardson) and one great granddaughter (Natalie Villarreal) shared with Beth. A private memorial of his life will be shared in Cleveland by family and a small gathering of friends residing at Judson Park.




03/20/19 09:51 AM #3270    


Lynn Jaenke (Erb)

Mr. Bohn was one of my all time favorite teachers.  I think I had a little bit of a crush on him.  I joined the science club, and we did field trips down in the valley that had a profound effect later on my love for the natural world.  He was a gentle soul, who loved science. 

03/20/19 04:56 PM #3271    


Bruce McKelvey

I ran into Mr. Bohn a few years back at HERBS. He was there with Don Chadwick. I asked them both if they remembered me...they both laughed and Mr. Bohn said “ I will never forget you”! My brother also had him as a teacher.

03/20/19 07:09 PM #3272    


Roberta Young (Berwanger)


03/21/19 12:08 PM #3273    


Linda Peate (Powrie)

Oh my, Bruce.  You couldn't have said more about John that was true about him. Many people didn't bother to get to know him. He could get hot at times, but he was loving and loved his wife and family.  He seemed so lost for awhile after her death, but began to adjust to single life I think.  Lynnie, I couldn't believe you said that about Mr Bohn because I loved him too.  He was so patient w/one who "wasn't quite into Science!  When we had to dissect that frog, I thought you were my partner and I made you do it!  I just couldn't do it, but we all had to do some things which grossed me out with the frog.  Anyway, I can't see him in my head right now, but I know I loved his kindness and knowledge about Science.  I was just so BAD in Science however!  Paul Anka  sings the song Times of your of the lines is , "here comes the setting sun, the seasons are passing one by one, the good times and the bad you'll see, the others in between, remember the times of your life".  We are in the setting sun of our lives.  Not speaking to those who disagree with you on politics has separated many classmates.  It's time we put aside hatred of someone's politics and have some of our fun, happy mini reunions again!  Can we do that?

03/21/19 08:59 PM #3274    


Barbara Peate (Sabo)

Apparently it was posted, but if no one saw it, Susie Matthews Munn's husband, Cliff, passed away on March 9, 2019.  She asked that classmates know that he passed away peacefully, painlessly, and quickly.  Cliff had Alzheimer's, and she took care of him through it all, until she had to put him in a nursing home that broke her heart.  She texted me today that she is still numb.  I'm sure she would appreciate any cards received.  Her address is:  Ms Susie Munn, 6514 Carolina Commons, Ft. Mill, SC  29707

03/26/19 03:48 AM #3275    


Ellen Aspinwall (Templar)

Check out the Home Page for information about 2 new and exciting features. This is your opportunity to participate in some fun stuff here on your class website! 

03/29/19 09:35 AM #3276    


Larry Gilbert

I haven't been on the Forum for a long while, and was sorry to see so much sad news about our classmates.  We were out of town in February, so I wasn't aware of Don Mayer's passing.  He was a wonderful man, and our hearts go out to Mimi.  Like many of you, I got to know John Dawson better as an adult than I knew him as a high school classmate, and I'm sorry he won't be heard (with that booming voice) at any more mini-reunions.  We send our sympathy to Sue Munn on her husband's passing, and thank her for the care she provided to him.  Earl Bohn was one of our best teachers....Time is running short.  Bruce, we love you too.  Geriatric Silliness did a lot for our class - hope to see you soon.

03/30/19 12:54 PM #3277    


Bruce McKelvey


Good Lord willin...I will be there in late October...if not before.


04/10/19 04:26 PM #3278    


Barbara Peate (Sabo)

Sue Matthews Munn sent me the Obituary for her husband, Cliff Munn that died on March 9, 2019.  She's still struggling after losing her husband of 50 years.  He had been under hospice care for a year but, prior to that, she had taken care of him since his Alzheimer's onset.  I want everyone to know that she gave so much of herself and feeling guilty now and again for not having patience with him and after that for putting him in hospice care.  The following is something I posted on Facebook, and she told me she read it every day.  If anyone is going through this with a loved one or does in the future, number one, we all get impatient and, number two, maybe read this.....

Do not ask me to remember.  Don't try to make me understand. Let me rest and know you're with me.  Kiss my cheek and hold my hand.

I'm confused beyond your concept.  I'm sad and sick and lost.  All I know is that I need you, To be with me at all cost.

Do not lose your patience with me. Do not scold or curse or cry. I can't help the way I'm acting, Can't be different 'though I try.

Just remember that I need you, That the best of me is gone. Please don't fail to stand beside me, Love me 'till my life is done.

Susie did just that.......

04/25/19 10:24 PM #3279    


Ellen Aspinwall (Templar)

For those of you who remember Mr. Shelton.  crying

Shelton age 92, born March 22, 1927, passed away April 19, 2019. Charles H. Shelton, formerly of Bay Village, passed away due to complications of Parkinson's Disease at Friendship Village Columbus. He was raised in Wakeman, Ohio. After graduating from Denison University he taught English at Rocky River High School. Charles loved raising his four children in Bay Village and truly enjoyed working with his students. Retirement opened a new phase in Charles' life where he discovered new interests, including running, biking, global travel and volunteering. He is remembered with love by his children Polly (Steve) Schneider of Granville, Ohio, Charles (Donna) Shelton of Phoenix, Arizona, Mark (Elaine) Shelton of Huron, Ohio and Thomas (Liz) Shelton of Neptune, Florida, along with eleven grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Arrangements made through Cook & Son-Pallay Funeral Home and Crematory, Parsons Ave., Columbus, Ohio.

04/26/19 09:12 AM #3280    


Lynn Jaenke (Erb)

Mr. Shelton was one of my favorite teachers.  I learned so much from him, and when I was teaching school in Burlington, VT, I was told after I signed the contract that I didn't have any text books or curriculum.  I was teaching PE in the morning, and these were afternoon classes make up of kids who were struggling in many, many ways.  I came back to RR, and Mr. Shelton spent a lot of time with me, and gave me reams of super interesting material to do with these kids.  I was so appreciative.  He was the first teacher who ever made me really think about the meaniing of the books I was reading.  I especially remember an after school study of The Lord of the Flies.  It blew my mind open, and has influenced my whole life, just as Mr. Bohn's trips to the valley for the nature club influenced my life in ways I didn't have a clue about at the time. 

I just finished a very intensive, immersive class to become certified to be and End of Life Doula, and to Susie Munn I would say to be gentle with yourself.  What you gave to your husband is beyond compare.  I do understand though, because I find myself kicking myself for things I didn't do right in my marriage with Phil.  Maybe they were small things, but I magnified them in my mind after he died.

As for hospice, I have been a volunteer for several years at a hospice facility, and it is a place of sadness sometimes, but more often it is a place of life, joy, and heartfelt love.  We help those who are there to live as fully as possible until they die.  I would never feel guilty about putting anyone there....I would go there myself.  Many people who bring their loved ones there during the last few days of life remark that if they had known, they would have come sooner.  I love my time there, and love playing my harp for all the residents and their families (not the only thing I do there).  Some of the finest people I have ever met are hospice workers and volunteers.

As for the issue of not speaking to people, I hope that wasn't aimed at me, because I certainly don't feel I am not speaking with anyone.  I appreciate all the gifts that everyone brings to this forum.  I don't travel much at all because I can't afford to monitarily.  Fortunately, I am so happy liviing here in Vermont, and have great community and friends...and close family.  The biggest great news is that my youngest son, who is doing a fellowship at Johns Hopkins, has just accepted a position at the UVM Medical Center as a surgeon.  I am so excited to have him coming back here on a permanent basis! 

We all have experienced a lot of losses recently, and this trend will continue as we all edge closer to our final days.  I work at the front desk at the Respite House (our hospice facility), and for some strange reason, I always count up on the census I have at the desk how many people are my age and younger and how many are older.  Almost always, there are more people there that are my age and younger.  That's pretty shocking to me, and a wake up call to be as present to my life as I can be, cherishing every little detail of the day.  So much of my time is spent in the past or future, and that's not where I really am...I need to be just where I the present.  So, this is a long message, as I haven't written in quite awhile.  I wish the best to each and every one of you.


04/26/19 02:04 PM #3281    


Paul Berns


Hi - This May appear twice - though I am not your father I must say I am very proud of you - as a fellow musician and high school classmate I only aspire to use my talents in such a meaningful way .  And the wonderful news on your son - congratulations- my best always - Paul Berns




05/02/19 03:14 PM #3282    


Linda Peate (Powrie)

Everlynnie:  Please realize that those who slammed people on this site and on Facebook know who they are.  It's ridiculous that we cannot discuss our views, disagree, and move on.  Slamming and belittling people who don't agree w/you is sad and in my opinion, wrong.  It truly is NOT you my friend.  People pulled off this site because they were so furious that their choice didn't become President.  Period.  I haven't liked the "other side's" President, but it doesn't make me mad at anyone nor not speaking to anyone  Just move on!  That's all.  I remember my parents having spirited discussions about the next President w/friends from "the other side", and they laughed, then ate dinner, and moved on.  What in the world has happened?  Why does anyone want to make others defensive about who they voted for?   I like everyone no matter how you vote!  

05/05/19 09:45 AM #3283    


Ellen Aspinwall (Templar)

Check out the latest Where In The World Are We adventure. We also look forward to your travel adventures through story and/or photos. Send them in any time:  You don't have to go far---a trip to the beach, traveling to visit family, a boat ride, just any adventure that has you traveling a bit. Photos of your travels and we love to see photos of your grandchildren!

The background photo was taken in Holland, Michigan at the Dutch Village by Cinnamon.  It's tulip time!!

05/09/19 03:58 PM #3284    


Ellen Aspinwall (Templar)

Where In The World Is Mike Callahan???

06/16/19 09:38 AM #3285    


Ellen Aspinwall (Templar)

Where in the world are we now???

Don't forget to send in your fav recipes!

07/04/19 03:35 AM #3286    


Ellen Aspinwall (Templar)

Bruce McKelvey's wife, Marsha, is now in hospice care in Phoenix.  Keep them in your spiritual practices.  Drop Bruce a note through this website.

We have new "Where in the world are we?" submissions and I hope to get them up soon.  Just got my son out of MetroHealth Hospital in Cleveland (a great place!) Tuesday.  He's fine and will be heading back to Phoenix Friday.  Meanwhile, we watch for fireworks on the deck.


07/16/19 05:15 PM #3287    


Ellen Aspinwall (Templar)

Check out the 2nd of Peg's interesting travel adventures!

07/30/19 11:00 PM #3288    


Ellen Aspinwall (Templar)

Bruce McKelvey will be here in Ohio the week of August 14.  He will be at the Burntwood Tavern on Detroit Rd in River on Friday, August 16, at 6:00 PM.  He is inviting anyone who cares to join him.  Stop in for libations, dinner or just to say hello!

There will be a Celebration of Life for Marsha on Saturday, October 26th from noon until 6:00 pm. The event will be held at the Sun Lakes Community Center in the Navajo Room. The address is 25601 S Sun Lakes Blvd, Sun Lakes 85248. This is Sun Lakes Phase 1. A Bar will be available for you to purchase beverages if you like. Food will also be served. I will need an RSVP by the end of September so I can provide the caterer a headcount. If more than the headcount shows up..that's fine, however, there may be no food left. Please RSVP to or any questions you may have to my email address at This will be a nice event to pay tribute to an awesome lady...who just happened to be my wife....

08/22/19 10:30 AM #3289    


Linda Peate (Powrie)

Nancy Westerfield Depew was the enthusiastic planner of all of our minis when she was healthy enough to do so.  I didn't know her in high school very well, but certainly got to know her through our minis.  What a sad loss to our class.  Her attitude never waivered.  She always said, no matter how sick she was, that there were many more who had it worse than she did.  I will miss her and will pray for her family.

08/24/19 08:19 AM #3290    


Ellen Aspinwall (Templar)

Nancy's Ceremony:  9/14  11 am   American Legion 22001   Brookpark, FP

Please keep her family in your spiritual practices.  They are a very close family.  Condolences can be sent to:  Don Collopy, 13800 Bennington Rd., Middleburg Heights, Ohio  44130  broken heart 

Nancy loved Maria's Field of Hope Sunflowers and we went together a few times.  I was out near Cedar Point Rd recently and that field is starting to bloom.  I've been told that mid-September will be the best time to see them and I had planned to take Nancy this year.  There is another field at 35135 Chester Rd in Avon just west of the southwest corner of Jaycox.  The photos below were taken on one of our visits.  If you get a chance during September, stop by to see the sunflowers in either location and think of Nancy with a smile.  She would like it and will no doubt be there in spirit.


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