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08/13/18 01:07 PM #3213    


Clark Smyth

Gilbs--we'll miss you--especially as class treasurer!'

BTW, how ARE you paying for that trip to Africa?

Shelley and I plan to be at Panini's Friday night, but we have other plans with some non-RRHS Class of 63 people, so won't see you on Eliot's tour.




08/17/18 08:21 AM #3214    


Ellen Aspinwall (Templar)

Hi Class:

When we reserved Panini’s party room after the mini last September, we were told they were booking up fast. So it was a good thing to call early. We were also told we could order from the menu.

Panini’s has changed hands, and personnel and they are very organized about groups and what the facility can handle. We cannot order from the menu now as we are advised that would ‘shut down’ the kitchen. And we can see it would be a problem. Service was slow last year but we were a sizable group.

So....we have picked a buffet menu that we think will serve everyone well. It is posted here. It will be $10.00 per person which a good price, we think. It’s a minimum of 20 people and we expect more than that. So, please let us know you are coming!!!!!! You can pay at the door (we’ll be there to collect) or send a check to Ellen Templar @ 352 C Main St., Huron, Ohio. 44839. Make it out to Ellen to expedite things. There will be servers to take and bring your drink orders.

$10.00 per person:

                                          Sub Sandwich Assortment: Turkey, Italian, Ham

                                          Veggie Flat Wraps

                                          House or Caesar Salad with Dressings

                                          Pub Chips

                                          Soda, Tea or Water

While we’ve tried to keep this casual as requested, we can only work within the parameters of what is given to us. We hope you all think, as we do, that this is very reasonable for a night out.

There are still seats available for the Eliot Ness Tour so get your bid in for one. Send $30.00 per person to Ellen Templar @ 352 C Main St., Huron, Ohio 44839. It’s going to be a fascinating afternoon with dinner at Shooters on the Water following.

And please. let your friends, classmates and Ellen know that you will be attending. Post it on the Message Forum on the class website. Even if you are not planning to go on the tour Saturday, you can join us at Shooters On The Water for supper at 5:00. But let us know!

We are really looking forward to seeing you all in September.

 Your 55th Committee

08/18/18 06:54 PM #3215    


Barbara Jacobus (Manning)

Bert and I will be at Panini's Friday night. I hope to see many of you there!

08/21/18 04:46 PM #3216    


Ellen Aspinwall (Templar)

08/25/18 01:28 AM #3217    


Ellen Aspinwall (Templar)

It was simpler Once Upon A Time A Long Time Ago:


08/25/18 02:48 PM #3218    


Barbara Peate (Sabo)

Oh to go back to the good old days where things were so much easier and more peaceful.  What the younger generation doesn't get to experience are dinners where the whole family sits down and talks about the day, then going out to play with friends (instead of racing to practices for every sport known to man), one telephone, one television.  Summers were spent making up games, riding bikes, playing tag or hop scotch, a neighborhood baseball game, just a whistle to tell us when to come home for dinner, jacks, monopoly, etc., and most of all walking everywhere!    Thanks for your great post, Ellen!

08/26/18 05:09 PM #3219    

Brian McKeown


We know everything that's going on anywhere...instantly.  But, we don't REALLY know.  Only the "spin" that serves some unknown purpose for us to know.  We don't have conversations...we have shouting matches. Or, a topic not to be discussed because it's to only uncomfortable.

Young children seem to have no time for anything other than their devices.  Adolescents can't be bothered with any semblance of manners...only with what THEY want..and right NOW!  Teens are are so beyond bold with their opinions and "me first" attitude along with a complete lack of respect for authority of any kind as is evidenced by a "it doesn't apply to me" attitude.

 Life will be full of unnecessary stress for these young people who will never know the simplicity of the times we all knew.  Our whole world was small and easy to comprehend.  Rules were not that complicated. Authority did belong to parents, teachers, question.  

Now, everything for young people is a question.  And, with the help of a device...they get answers from places and people who do not have anyone's best interest at heart other than their own.  Sad. 

We gave them everything except the simplicity of life that we knew and treasured.

We let it be replaced with "devices."

You're right, Barb...GREAT POST, ELLEN‼️

09/04/18 02:10 PM #3220    


Marcia Pullin (Bruder)

Earlier this summer when I was anticipating attending the reunion and going on the Elliot Ness tour, I came across a book about Ness at our library book sale. I picked it up because I thought it would be good background reading. It was and did a good job of separating fact from mythology about Ness.  For anyone who is interested, the book is Elliot Ness, The Real Story. I found it to be a very interesting and good read. Hope everyone has a great time.

09/05/18 12:27 AM #3221    


Ellen Aspinwall (Templar)

Thanks for your post, Marcia!  We'll be looking for that book!  It's always more interesting and fun to have some background when touring historical places. Input on this tour from some of our classmates, including yours, has been great! If anyone else has some, please post it here in the message forum!


Hi Class!

We hope you had a very safe and fun-filled Labor Day Weekend! It’s hot here in Ohio so the boaters and beach-goers had a great weekend in spite of a bit of rain Monday.

This email is to update you on the upcoming 55th Reunion and to fulfill a request for GPS information.  So:

Friday, September 21st we will be at Panini’s starting at 6:00. The address is:  23800 Detroit Rd. in Westlake. It is on the NW corner of Clague and Detroit and you can’t miss it with it’s very large parking lot.

Thanks to those of you who have sent in funds for the buffet at Panini’s!!!  Please remember that there is a charge of $10.00 per person for it. You can mail that to Ellen @ 352 C Main St, Huron, Ohio 44839 (would be very helpful if you did prior to that night), or we’ll be there to collect at the door.

Do note that this is a buffet, not just appetizers. Here’s the menu again:         

                             Sub Sandwich Assortment:  Turkey, Italian, Ham

                              Veggie Flat Wraps

                              House or Caesar Salad with Dressings

                              Pub Chips

                              Soda, Tea or Water

There are still seats available for the Eliot Ness Tour on Saturday, September 22, starting at 2:30---please arrive by 2:00!! You can send $30.00 per person to Ellen for that also. We think it will be a really fun and interesting afternoon ending at Shooters On The Water for dinner. The address for the Powerhouse where the trolley leaves from is:  2000 Sycamore St, Cleveland. We are talking about possibly car-pooling leaving from RRHS. So if you would like to be a designated driver, please let Ellen know.

Again, please let your friends and classmates know you are coming---you can post on the class website message forum. And let Ellen know, too. We want you to have a fun time but you can be better served if we know you will be there.

We are getting excited and looking forward to seeing you in September!

Your 55th Committee

09/10/18 03:33 PM #3222    


Ellen Aspinwall (Templar)

Here's a challenging quiz that's been around for a while.  Got the answers?

1. Name the one sport in which neither the spectators nor the participants know the score or the leader until the contest ends.
2. What famous North American landmark is constantly moving backward?

3 Of all vegetables, only two can live to produce on their own for several growing seasons. All other vegetables must be replanted every year. What are the only two perennial vegetables?
4. What fruit has its seeds on the outside?

5. In many liquor stores, you can buy pear brandy, with a real pear inside the bottle. The pear is whole and ripe, and the bottle is genuine; it hasn't been cut in any way. How did the pear get inside the bottle?

6. Only three words in standard English begin with the letters ' dw' and they are all common words. Name two of them.
7. There are 14 punctuation marks in English grammar. Can you name at least half of them?

8. Name the only vegetable or fruit that is never sold frozen, canned, processed, cooked, or in any other form except fresh.
9. Name 6 or more things that you can wear on your feet beginning with the letter 'S.'

09/17/18 07:28 PM #3223    


Ellen Aspinwall (Templar)

Hi Class:  Sarah Eakin Webster has given us 2 Kensington grade school class photos.  They are posted on the Memory Scrapbook page.  She has a phenomenal memory for faces and names.  However, in the 5th-grade photo there are a few she didn't know the names of.  Can anyone fill in the ??? for us???   Sarah has scanned in all class photos K-6 and if anyone wants any of them, just let her know and she will send to you.  Thanks, Sarah!  It's always fun to see our younger selves and add to the scrapbook.

09/18/18 03:20 PM #3224    


Deborah Murray (Sloan)

So much fun looking at old Kensington School photos!  Sarah, you are correct on Dick LIndsley.  Middle row missing names are John Taylor and Marcia Gerstacker at end of row.  Front row - Jane Moore is standing next to me and Paty Zimmerman is next to her!!  Looking forward to seeing classmates on Friday night although the committee is being very  secretive about who is coming!!!!


09/18/18 03:53 PM #3225    


Ellen Aspinwall (Templar)

Hi Debby:  Thanks for the names. I will get those posted shortly.  There is no secret about who is coming but I only know a few for sure and more by word-of-mouth (is that a commitment?), and it changes all the time. This one is coming, oh, no, I can't. That one isn't coming, oh, yes I am. Can you see how many stock dogs are working to herd those cats? Several, like yourself, have posted here on the message forum---Barb Manning, Sarah Webster, Clark Smyth, Pat Gillispie and more, I think. Class:  If you are coming, please let us know by posting here or emailing Ellen. There will be sub sandwiches, wraps, salad and pub chips for 30, so bring your $10 and you can eat. There are still seats available on the Eliot Ness tour, so bring your $30.00 and you can join in this most interesting tour!! And, if you just show up at the last minute, we'll take you both days!

09/21/18 11:53 PM #3226    


Ellen Aspinwall (Templar)

Debby and Hugh Sloan - a class act!  Thank you!!!!!

We had soooo much fun tonight!  Really we did. More coming up tomorrow. 

Come join us at 2:00 at the Powerhouse in the flats for the Eliot Ness tour---still seats available---and join us at Shooters on the Water at 5:00 for supper. Come for both or just for supper! 


09/22/18 10:04 PM #3227    


Ellen Aspinwall (Templar)

A rather spectacular day today and a really fun time! Watch for photos soon.

09/23/18 09:45 AM #3228    


Ellen Aspinwall (Templar)

Sarah Eakin Webster - another class act!  Thank you!

09/23/18 04:17 PM #3229    


Deborah Murray (Sloan)

You are welcome, Ellen.  However, it is you who is the class act!  Chief planner, chief promoter and chief cheerleader for the reunion, and despite the fact that communications were signed "your 55th committee", I have a sneaking suspicion that this was a committee of one, namely you!!  Thank you for hard work and cheerful posts and for making this a really fun event for those of us who attended.  To those of you who did not attend, especially those who live in the greater Cleveland area and have the oportunity to see each other more often and those who gathered in smaller groups on Thursday nigth in lieu of Friday night at Paninni's, we really missed seeing you.  People came from Arizona, Colorado, Indiana, Michigan, Tennessee and Massachusetts and had such a good time catching up as well as reminiscing and we missed our Ohio friends.  One never knows when we will have a chance to meet again.... Linda Peate, I hope you are recovering well from foot surgery; Barb Manning, I hope you are also recovering from sickness; and Nancy, Westerfield, please continue to stay strong and positive during your chemo.  Sending happy, loving thoughts to all.

09/23/18 06:09 PM #3230    


Nancy Westerfield (Depew)

great pictures ellen. thanks debbie for the prayers.

09/25/18 07:30 PM #3231    


Ellen Aspinwall (Templar)

Thanks Debby and Nancy!

Class: If you haven't discovered them, there are 2 slideshows on the home page, plus a photo of the tour group below them. It really was a fun weekend. And here's the rest of the story:

10/15/18 05:56 PM #3232    


Barbara Peate (Sabo)

My heart aches to let our classmates know that I got a call from Sally Willey Johnson's husband today, and she is very ill.  She is on Hospice and will be going home on Wednesday.  It's been a long road for Sally, but she has been strong and positive throughout her illness.....please pray for her and her family.

10/16/18 11:38 AM #3233    


Roberta Young (Berwanger)


10/20/18 10:21 AM #3234    


Barbara Peate (Sabo)

Sadly, Sally Willey Johnson lost her battle and passed away yesterday......happy many of us got to see her at a couple mini reunions and the 50th Reunion.  Rest in peace, Sally.  Lin and I have some wonderful memories!  

10/20/18 10:23 AM #3235    


Ellen Aspinwall (Templar)

Sally enjoyed the minis and it was reported that she would have been at the 55th had she been able. She enjoyed celebrating with her friends and classmates. She will be missed!

10/27/18 01:39 PM #3236    


Linda Peate (Powrie)

Yesterday was a long and difficult day.  Sally's service was in St. Clairsville and Barb and I drove down from Col.  Her family is just so nice.  She has 3 children and she married Rick 33 yrs. ago, and he had 2 sons.  They said she was the best stepmother ever.  She will be missed, and yet the family came to acccept that this is what Sally wanted as she was tired, and tired of all the pills and hospital stays.  She had some sort of blood disease, and yet she wouldn't survive the stem cell transplant, her son said.  So what was the point to live that way?  Shared her early yrs. Barb and I had with Sally as grade school friends, took the yr. books from RR, plus a pic of our double wedding where Sally was in the pic.  The family enjoyed it tremendously!  Rest quietly in knowing we will see you again, Sally.

10/28/18 03:38 PM #3237    


Roberta Young (Berwanger)


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